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Sat Mar 6 04:00:00 2004

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 OK, see if I can make it clearer.  When server screen is in normal
display everything works fine.  I wait till screen saver on the server
to come on.  I then startup viewer to get control of server.  It ask for
the usual IP and password.  It accepts the password, but nothing happens
on the viewer PC, that is, server screen does not popup. It seems to
have aborted.

On the server PC the the Novell login screen popup.


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	It's not clear what you meant exactly.

	OK, suppose you start VNC viewer and type in the server's
hostname.  Then you should have a dialog to enter VNC password, right?
After you've entered the _correct_ password, you should have a window
displaying the content of server screen, right?  And it's at this point
that you've got problem, right?

	Normally, when a computer is in screen saver mode, pressing a
key or moving the mouse should wake it up.  You could try this in viewer
side.  Of course, make sure
1) the viewer window is active
2) the viewer isn't in "viewer" mode.  That means, you effectively
transfer keyboard and mouse events to server side.

	Check this out first.

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> Hi
> I have just started using VNC.  I have problems when the VNC server is
> screen saver mode.  Resuming from screen saver the Novell login
appears on the
> VNC server W2K system.  However, at the viewer PC it simply accepts
the VNC
> server password and nothing is presented on the viewer screen.
> I cannot get control of the VNC server.  How do I get around this?
> Regards
> Ming Lam
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