VNC inetd on AIX - need some major help

eradic2 eradic2 "at"
Thu Mar 4 17:19:01 2004


How is everyone doing.

I have searched the net (googled tons of sites) and read tons of faqs on
setting up Xvnc running on inetd so I can have CDE login when a user logs
to a box using vncviewer.

I know vncserver can be run when a user logs in, but I really need to see
CDE login prompt.

I have downloaded the aix rpm for Vncserver (via IBM's site and also
vnc-server from

Can someone help me explain how to set it up properly

Here is what I have done,

Went to smitty tcpip -> further Configuration -> Server Network Services
-> Other Avialable Services -> Super Daemon (inetd) -> inetd Subservers ->
Add an inetd Subserver ->

So here now I do this

Internet Serice Name ----  vnc2
Transport Protocol   ----  tcp
Socket Type          ----  stream
Wait for Server to.. ----  nowait
User name            ----  nobody
Service Program PATH name --  /usr/local/bin/Xvnc
Service Program Command Line ARGUEMENTS - /usr/local/bin/Xvnc -query
myboxname -once -geometry 1024x768 -depth 16

After that I figured /etc/services needs something open to
so here is what I did

vnc2	5901/tcp

and then I did

refresh -s inetd

-and also i rebooted the box to be sure

And now on my windows box I run vncviewer to myipaddress :5901 it says
failed to connect to server.

So can anyone help me out here - I would really appreciate it.