Win XP Failed to connect to server

Wed Mar 3 20:48:01 2004


 I am getting "Failed to connect to server" error when I try to connect
to a remote machine. I listing the things I have done. Please let me
know where I went wrong.

 Started VNC Server (WinVNC Version 3.3.7) on remote machine (ping works)
 Opened VNC Viewer on my machine and typed I have also
tried :2 after changing the display number on the server.
 I get this "Failed to connect to server" error. 

I am in a university, there might be some firewall, but both the
machine that is running the vnc server and my local machine
are within the university, in fact in the same lab. So does the firewall
restriction apply in my case. Also note that I am able to ping the vnc
server machine and viceversa.

 Is it Windows XP, RealVNC or the firewall that is causing the problem?
Any other remedies? Thanks.

Siva Asapu
Research Assistant to:
Jacquelyn Cunningham, IS Manager
College Of Liberal Arts, Computing and
 Information Technology Laboratory
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC  29202
803-777-1109   clais2 "at"