can VNC transmit pc- television pictures?

Jonathan Lennox lennox "at"
Wed Mar 3 20:40:01 2004

On Wednesday, March 3 2004, "Seak, Teng-Fong" wrote to "<vnc-list "at">" saying:

> 	The highest ADSL rate I know of is just 2Mbps while the usual
> entry-level is just about 128 kbps.  And even at 2Mbps, nothing can
> guarantee a constant rate.  I don't know how much VNC can compress, but
> since it has to be a lossless compression, it can't be very high.

It doesn't *have* to be.  TightVNC has a JPEG mode.

It'd be an interesting research project to try to auto-detect on-screen
video, and use a real-time video codec to transmit over VNC.  Presumably not
going to happen any time too soon, though.

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at cs dot columbia dot edu