cannot get to the computer behind the firewall

John E. Peterson jpeterson "at"
Wed Mar 3 19:09:01 2004

Here is a link someone sent me about setting up VNC with SSL.  VERY detailed

Is there a repository of this kind of info?  For instance, I set my LinkSys
router at home up with forwarding for 5900 and it works fine from outside
now.  Seems to me that it would be helpful to have a database of specific
application setups like this with detailed instructions for people to

I realize that gotomyvnc has a lot of info, but I don't see a database of
SPECIFIC installations listed.  I know that my home Linksys setup has to be
very common, but I don't see a place to find easy access to my SPECIFIC

Once Tom Knowlton figures his out, it would be nice to have a specific setup
listed for that too.


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> Tom:
> Heya. Everything you might have never wanted to know
> about getting VNC to work with firewall and routers involved
> is here:
> I hope it helps!
> -Scott
> > I am trying to connect to the server from a remote location.  I know
> > that I have it configured correctly because I can connect to the vnc
> > server over the lan.  But how do I access the computer running the
> > server from a remote location over the internet.  I have a dsl line
> > with a dynamically assigned ip address.  I have a wireless router with
> > two computers connected to a workgroup.  I do have a dynamic dns service
> > running so I always have a url that resolves to whatever my currently
> > assigned ip address is.  Whenever i type in the url
> > (, I get a failed to connect to server
> > message.  If I type in my current IP address, I also get the same
> > message.  Any suggestions?
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