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Wed Mar 3 18:29:00 2004


Thank you for following-up with me on this.  I genuinely appreciate your time
and effort helping me and the other people on this mailing list!  :)

It has been H*LL.  :)

What it boils down to is:
(note, when I say broadband modem, router and firewall are implied)

1)  At my home I am signed-up for MSN Broadband, via Qwest Telco.
2)  As per MSN Broadband Support (I spent an hour with them on the
phone)...the broadband modem is NOT configurable (read "no port forwarding").
3)  Thus, nobody and connect to my VNC Server.
4)  Thus, I am moving to another broadband service called MStar.
5)  Will take about 3 weeks to switch over.
6)  MStar says their broadband modem supports firewall and router
configuration (read "yes port forwarding")
7)  Once I switch over to MStar all of my ranting, raving, moaning, etc.
should be moot.


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What's the latest on the saga of "I can't talk from home"?