can VNC transmit pc- television pictures?

Ed Lockett e.lockett "at"
Tue Mar 2 12:11:42 2004

Thanks for that, it may well come in useful.

I did once chat to a hauppage representative though, who told me that the
tuner card sends the overlay directly to the video card, so windows never
gets to 'see' it. 

I may be wrong however, and the situation may differ between different
models of tv card (analogue / digital / satellite / PVR etc.)

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Actually, you can usually see things such as MPEG viewer windows via VNC if
you disabled Graphics Accelleration.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

> >From what I understand, video windows are often created using an
> >overlay
> method. Specifically with TV cards such as Hauppage, the card
> itself is entirely resposible for the video picture, which is 
> added in place of the 'black box' AFTER windows has drawn the 
> screen. For this reason, I do not think it is possible to 
> display the TV picture on a remote VNC desktop.