can VNC transmit pc- television pictures?

Ed Lockett e.lockett "at"
Tue Mar 2 10:41:01 2004

From what I understand, video windows are often created using an overlay
method. Specifically with TV cards such as Hauppage, the card itself is
entirely resposible for the video picture, which is added in place of the
'black box' AFTER windows has drawn the screen. For this reason, I do not
think it is possible to display the TV picture on a remote VNC desktop.

However, it may be more likely with other setups (eg. Dvd/avi/mpg file
playback using dvd player/media player/winamp etc). I have used VNC to
sucessfully watch streaming video in internet explorer. Experiment with
different combinations, but it is safe to say that if it does not work an an
x86 viewer it won't on any other viewer either. Reason being that in the
case of overlay video, the VNC server cannot see the picture to transmit it.

At any rate, I do not think it's likely (even on a LAN) that you would want
to watch TV or a film in this way, the quality would just be too poor. There
are third party applications which can stream video over a network from
various sources. You should chack these out, one I read about a while back
seemed to be quite impressive. Can't remember the name now though. There is
also a component called media services in windows server, but I am not sure
of its exact capabilities.

Hope this helps.


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Has anybody gotten anything like this work? I was always hoping to be able
to watch media player on my desktop over the internet.

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> hi guys
> Im wondering if you could use vnc to transmit tv pictures onto a 
> handheld PDA. i am unable to test this myself as i am waiting on my 
> handeld device
> be delivered.
> I have a haupage card that shows pictures on my main pc (server) and 
> would like to transmit that to an other device, i have tried this as 
> my laptop
> a viewer but dont manage to get it to work as i get a black space 
> where
> tv pictures should be, doesnt even work if i resize the window to the 
> smallest possible size.
> Any ideas on how to make this work or is it impossible?
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