eclipse vnc bug

Michael Haggerty haggerty "at"
Mon Mar 1 11:24:00 2004


A colleague of mine here has seen the same problem, except for him it
also occurs when using 4.0beta4 for server and/or viewer.  The server
crashes with a segfault.  Both server and client were running under RH


On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 15:09, Bill Welch wrote:
> I've observed a bug where text editing (java editor) in eclipse crashes 
> vnc. At this point, I believe the problem to be in the 3.3.x viewer. To 
> reproduce, start vncserver on linux, connect with vncviewer on windows 
> or linux, start eclipse, open a java file for editing, highlight section 
> of text, C-c, move cursor, C-v, couple of arrrow keys, crash.
> Here's the matrix of my tests:
>                                                   viewer
>                                          3.3                4.0beta4
>                           3.3         crash                  ok
> server
>                      4.0beta4      crash                  ok
> Varying vncserver options doesn't change things.
> My server is RH 9 and my viewers are RH 9 and WinXP SP1.

Michael Haggerty
JPK Instruments, AG
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