can VNC transmit pc- television pictures?

John E. Peterson jpeterson "at"
Mon Mar 1 01:54:00 2004

I've managed to pull up pics and watch simple video via VNC, but the data
rate is no where near high enough to keep up with like full screen DVD
video.  Plus in order to get reasonable response you have to reduce to low
bit color which kind of make pictures and so forth look yuck.


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Subject: can VNC transmit pc- television pictures?

> hi guys
> Im wondering if you could use vnc to transmit tv pictures onto a handheld
> PDA. i am unable to test this myself as i am waiting on my handeld device
> be delivered.
> I have a haupage card that shows pictures on my main pc (server) and would
> like to transmit that to an other device, i have tried this as my laptop
> a viewer but dont manage to get it to work as i get a black space where
> tv pictures should be, doesnt even work if i resize the window to the
> smallest possible size.
> Any ideas on how to make this work or is it impossible?
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