Only connecting one way

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Fri Jan 30 18:38:00 2004


	Heya. It's very likely that your Mom's DSL modem has some sort
of firewalling or NAT'ing activated within it. If so, it's meant to
prevent connections being initiated *to* it, while allowing connections
initiated *from* it. Which is why she can connect to you, but not

	You have two options: first, work on reconfiguring your Mom's
DSL modem so that it works with VNC. To do this, open a web-browser on
your Mom's PC and put in the IP address of the DSL modem. The Kaboodle
application ( can also be used to make this step
"point and click". Once the web browser connects, there should be some
configuration pages regarding "port forwarding" or "virtual servers"
that will need adjusting.

	Your second option is to use a "server initiated" connection.
In the WinVNC server menu, there's an "Add Client..." option. If you have
a VNC Viewer running in Listen Mode, she can initiate the server to
connect with your Viewer -- sort of a reverse-connection. After that,
it'll look and feel just like a normal VNC session. BTW: this type of
connection uses TCP port 5500 instead of 5900, in case you have to make
any firewall adjustments.

	Hope this helps!


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> From: "David Rushing" <drushing "at">
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> Subject: Only connecting one way
> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:16:53 -0600
> First to those who get frustrated about us networking novices asking questions
> let me apologize up front.  I have searched for answers to no avail.
> PROBLEM: My mother is connected to the internet via Bellsouth DSL, I first
> installed pcAnywhere then VNC and I have the same problem.  While I can go
> from her computer to mine on either program, I cannot connect to hers.  She
> has a static IP as evidenced by multiple trips to  She has no
> installed firewall software and only the external DSL modem.  I can understand
> possibly having to configure her modem, but I do not understand why either
> program will connect from her but not to her therefore eliminating any
> configuration of her modem.  She is running WinME, I am running XP.  Any
> suggestions are greatly appreciated.