connection problem windows xp viewer to windows 2000 server

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Fri Jan 30 18:29:00 2004

	Heya. Here's some info on how to setup your router to
work when there are multiple VNC Servers behind it:

	To confirm that it's setup right, try running the scan
at to be sure. Also, please confirm: can
you connect to the Win2000 machine from the Sun workstation?

	Hope this helps!


>    Hi,
>     I have problem connecting to the VNC server running on windows 200
> behind a firewall from a windows XP machine connected to the internet
> through a router and cable modem.
>        1. VNC server  - behind a firewall  on a windows 2000 machine
>        2.  Another VNC server on a Sun workstation.
>        VNC viewer - connected to the internet through a linksys router and
> motorola cable modem.
>      I have no problem connecting to the vnc server on the Sun workstation.
> However, when I try to connect to the VNC server, nothing happens.  Once the
> screen flashed and exited, but most of the time nothing happens when I enter
> the password.