VNC 3.3.7 bug

TT L wireless_master "at"
Fri Jan 30 15:12:00 2004

I have VNC 3.3.7 server running on Windows 2000, connecting with 3.3.7 
viewer from Linux.
I  get disconnected every now and again with messages like the following:
ReadFromRFBServer: rdr::SystemException: read: Connection reset by peer 

When I reconnect, sometimes what will happen is keyboard input gets directed 
to local viewer instead of being sent to the server connected to:
  True colour: max red 31 green 63 blue 31, shift red 11 green 5 blue 0
verbosverbosevvvv^[[19~ReadFromRFBServer: rdr::EndOfStream

I typed the verbosverbose etc.,  but as you can see, it shows up in the 
client and did not get sent to the server.

Note, however, that mouse actions are directed to the server. What I have to 
do in this case, because F8 does not get sent either, is to kill all clients 
on the server (fortunately I can still do this because mouse actions are 


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