prolly easy question but not asked yet

coolgamer ! coolgamer18 "at"
Thu Jan 29 19:56:01 2004

   I have kind of a stupid question.
   I  started the VNC Server Viewer and without looking I already entered
   my  password  in  the  "connection  details"  screen  where you should
   actually  enter  the  server  name  or  IP and  I  pressed enter. So I
   resarted  the  program and saw that now the visible password was saved
   in  the  box.  Of  course  I dont want my password to be in there so I
   uninstalled  the  program  and  reinstalled  it  and  also removed all
   cookies but that didn't help.
   So  the question is where are the server entries being saved, so I can
   delete that file?
   I  know  that I can reinstall the program again (changing pass without
   reinstall  doesnt  work) but I use that password for some other things
   too so I rather have it gone.
   Yeah yeah, stupid, I know :P ;)

   If anyone knows that'd be cool... thnx in advance :)

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