Bill Cassady caersidi "at" freeshell.org
Thu Jan 29 17:13:01 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Chris W wrote:

> I have been using RealVNC to connect from a windows machine to another
> windows machine and it has been working fine.  However I am now
> connecting to an suse Linux machine and I was expecting  a similar
> result but all I got was an x terminal.   A pretty generic one at that.
> An X terminal is fine for what I need to do but I would like one that is
> a bit more flexible where I can set fonts and colors and if possible
> something that will run some gnome or kde apps.  Can anyone help me
> configure the linux system to do this?


I wonder if the 'x terminal' you speak of is a graphic screen with the
twm window manager?

If that is the case, you can grep the configuration files for 'twm'
and replace that parameter with 'icewm' -- or if you like eye-candy,
'kde' or 'gnome' or 'fvwm'...

-Bill Cassady

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