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Thu Jan 29 16:41:01 2004


Dificult call weither this is a VNC setup problem or a X-Windows, see
that VNC includes it's own X-Windows startup...

But you're best bet would be on a SuSE list since you have that specific
flavor, and SuSE delivers a perconfigured version of VNC.

Unfortunatetly you didn't mention which version of SuSE you've installed
so I cannot say where to look nor what to do.  (Thier setup changed

So If I was you, I would:
1) install the SuSE version of VNC.
2) read the /usr/share/doc/packages/vnc/README.suse,
   where the suse people explain how they set up vnc for you.
   (Also the /usr/share/doc/releasenotes if you got version 9.0)
and optionally,
3) Install the realvnc ontop of the SuSE configuration (only if you
decide you need the newer version.)

Hope this helps...

Jerry Westrick

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 16:07, Seak, Teng-Fong wrote:
> 	Your question doesn't seem to relate to VNC, so this mailing-list isn't really appropriate.  You might get better help from Unix, Linux, X-Windows or X-Free newsgroup.  Actually, you just need to edit a file which specifies which windows manager you would like to use.  However, because of diff. flavours in Unix/Linux, I'm not sure of the name.  For some, it's called startx
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> > 
> > I have been using RealVNC to connect from a windows machine to another
> > windows machine and it has been working fine.  However I am now
> > connecting to an suse Linux machine and I was expecting  a similar
> > result but all I got was an x terminal.   A pretty generic one at that.
> > An X terminal is fine for what I need to do but I would like one that is
> > a bit more flexible where I can set fonts and colors and if possible
> > something that will run some gnome or kde apps.  Can anyone help me
> > configure the linux system to do this?
> > 
> > Chris W
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