Only connecting one way

David Rushing drushing "at"
Thu Jan 29 15:18:00 2004

First to those who get frustrated about us networking novices asking questions
let me apologize up front.  I have searched for answers to no avail.

PROBLEM: My mother is connected to the internet via Bellsouth DSL, I first
installed pcAnywhere then VNC and I have the same problem.  While I can go
from her computer to mine on either program, I cannot connect to hers.  She
has a static IP as evidenced by multiple trips to  She has no
installed firewall software and only the external DSL modem.  I can understand
possibly having to configure her modem, but I do not understand why either
program will connect from her but not to her therefore eliminating any
configuration of her modem.  She is running WinME, I am running XP.  Any
suggestions are greatly appreciated.