Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at" futurmaster.com
Thu Jan 29 15:10:02 2004

	Your question doesn't seem to relate to VNC, so this mailing-list isn't really appropriate.  You might get better help from Unix, Linux, X-Windows or X-Free newsgroup.  Actually, you just need to edit a file which specifies which windows manager you would like to use.  However, because of diff. flavours in Unix/Linux, I'm not sure of the name.  For some, it's called startx

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> De : Chris W [mailto:1qazse4 "at" cox.net]
> Envoyi : jeudi 29 janvier 2004 00:06
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> Objet : xterminal
> I have been using RealVNC to connect from a windows machine to another
> windows machine and it has been working fine.  However I am now
> connecting to an suse Linux machine and I was expecting  a similar
> result but all I got was an x terminal.   A pretty generic one at that.
> An X terminal is fine for what I need to do but I would like one that is
> a bit more flexible where I can set fonts and colors and if possible
> something that will run some gnome or kde apps.  Can anyone help me
> configure the linux system to do this?
> Chris W