ZRLE abort on HPUX (Was: VNC viewer message Please wait initi al screen loading)

Joe_Taylor@bcbst.com Joe_Taylor "at" bcbst.com
Thu Jan 29 11:44:00 2004

Disabling ZRLE has gotten me up and running. Thanks.


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Subject: ZRLE abort on HPUX (Was: VNC viewer message Please wait initial
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On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 08:00:03PM -0500, Joe_Taylor "at" bcbst.com wrote:
> We just installed VNC on a HP-UX 11.11 system. We get the
> to start fine on the UX system. However when we run the viewer from our
> Windows 2000 system we get the message "Please Wait Initial Screen
> and then it disconnects.  We did get a core dump on the UX system, 


Disable ZRLE encoding in the vncviewer options dialog.

There is a problem with ZRLE that I've been working on, but do
not yet have a solution. 

I've seen problems with ZRLE that can cause the HPUX vncviewer
and/or Xvnc to abort. 

For those that might be curious, the stack trace from Xvnc is:

#0  0x24468 in $$dyncall_external+0 ()
#1  0xc441c in rdr::ZlibOutStream::overrun+0x75c ()
#2  0xbdbd4 in zrleEncodeTile8+0xe94 ()
#3  0xbccc8 in zrleEncode8+0x16c ()
#4  0xc25f8 in rfbSendRectEncodingZRLE+0x114 ()
#5  0xac4e0 in rfbSendFramebufferUpdate+0x744 ()
#6  0xa9cf4 in rfbDeferredUpdateCallback+0x14 ()
#7  0x56668 in DoTimer+0x28 ()
#8  0x56330 in WaitForSomething+0x6cc ()
#9  0x2b3ac in Dispatch+0xc4 ()
#10 0x25ebc in main+0x304 () 

Any suggestions on debugging this are welcomed.

Chuck Slivkoff <slivkoff "at" hp.com>
HP Services - North America

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