help with windows xp as client and win 98 as host

rajendra prasad rpkamma "at"
Thu Jan 29 04:52:00 2004

i have just now installed vnc and it is a great
program, i used to use remote desktop sharing in
windows xp, but since i had to a access a win 98
computer i installed this, i had no problem connecting
between 2 comp running winxp, but could connect to one
running win 98, it is connected through a university
cable system and i had problems getting the correct ip
address, so i kept my viewer on listening mode and
asked my friend running win 98 to add me as client, it
worked and i got connected but within 3 seconds my
computer got restarted, i tried this 3 times and every
time after get connected it gets restarted, did any of
you face this problem,any help regarding this will be

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