ZRLE abort on HPUX VNC 3.3.7

Chuck Slivkoff slivkoff "at" hp.com
Thu Jan 29 00:17:01 2004

On 01/28/2004 05:33 PM, James Weatherall wrote:

>The dyncall_external line suggests that your Xvnc process is using a zlib
>library linked at runtime.  The Xvnc 4b4 code should allow zlib to be
>statically linked at build time - perhaps this would help, or at least make
>debugging easier?
zlib is linked static at compile. Here's the link line:

        /opt/aCC/bin/aCC -o Xvnc      -L../../exports/lib  dix/libdix.a 
os/libos.a ../../lib/Xau/libXau.a ../../lib/Xdmcp/libXdmcp.a 
../../exports/lib/libfont.a  hw/vnc/libvnc.a ../../../rdr/librdr.a 
../../../rfb/librfb.a ../../../zlib/libz.a cfb/libcfb.a cfb16/libcfb.a 
cfb24/libcfb.a cfb32/libcfb.a mfb/libmfb.a dix/libxpstubs.a mi/libmi.a 
Xext/libext.a                -lm  

If ZRLE is removed from the encoding list on the client, the abort does 
not occur.

I haven't had the time to get an XFree86 built tree configured so I 
haven't done anything with ver 4 yet.