VNC Server name

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Wed Jan 28 19:25:01 2004


	Heya. Yes, you can use a "network name" or an "IP address"
to connect. When your Mom's PC is connected to the Internet with
her dialup ISP, have her start the VNC Server. She'll see a VNC icon
in the lower right of her screen, in the Windows Service tray. If
she puts her mouse over that icon for a second or two, a little
popup will appear telling her the IP address that the VNC Server
is currently listening to. You can then plug that IP address into
the "VNC Server" field of your VNC Viewer and you'll connect.

	Hope that helps!


> Hello, I am totally new to all this... I want to connect to my mother's
> computer across town, to help her with software problems, etc. We would both
> connect through dialup services. I have MSN dialup, though I'm writing this
> email from my cable connection. Her service is strictly dialup. When I attempt
> to connect via VNC,  I see a box with an instruction to enter the VNC Server.
> I assume this means the name of the computer that has the VNC server running
> on it; ie, my mother's computer name, or pehaps, her particular login name for
> that comuter? It is not a part of any network, but is hooked up to the
> internet via dialup. How do I determine this "VNC server" name? Or is it
> totally different to connect via internet IP?