Connection closes / Logfile

T. Valent winsock2 "at"
Wed Jan 28 10:24:01 2004


> The user that is logged in when you are having problems connecting has
> almost certainly set an Idle Timeout that is very short. (i.e. a few
> seconds)

It seems you're right. The users that are usually looged in on the two PCs
that I had the connection problems with, have "fffffff" in
HKCU/Software/ORL/WinVNC/IdleTimeout. God knows why this is so. I am sure
that the users didn't alter that value (they wouldn't know how to) and I am
also sure that I didn't do that. So I wonder how this comes.

Anyway, altering the entry to "0" seemed to solve the problem, from what I
can say now.

Thanks a lot for your help!