VNC viewer message Please wait initial screen loading Joe_Taylor "at"
Wed Jan 28 02:04:00 2004

We just installed VNC on a HP-UX 11.11 system. We get the vcnserver
to start fine on the UX system. However when we run the viewer from our
Windows 2000 system we get the message "Please Wait Initial Screen Loading"
and then it disconnects.  We did get a core dump on the UX system,  the
ASCII text is as follows:

Not implementedNot implementedserver 
restarted. Jumped through uninitialized pointer?
0couldn't create client arraycouldn't create server clientcouldn't init
server r
esourcescouldn't create root window tableno screens foundfailed to allocate
Memory fault(coredump)

We are new to both Unix and VNC and are at a lost as how to proceed next.
Thanks for any help.

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