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Tinbury tinbury "at" comcast.net
Wed Jan 28 00:46:01 2004

Hello, I am totally new to all this... I want to connect to my mother's
computer across town, to help her with software problems, etc. We would both
connect through dialup services. I have MSN dialup, though I'm writing this
email from my cable connection. Her service is strictly dialup. When I attempt
to connect via VNC,  I see a box with an instruction to enter the VNC Server.
I assume this means the name of the computer that has the VNC server running
on it; ie, my mother's computer name, or pehaps, her particular login name for
that comuter? It is not a part of any network, but is hooked up to the
internet via dialup. How do I determine this "VNC server" name? Or is it
totally different to connect via internet IP? We would NOT be on any network
together, she being on her dialup servce, I on the MSN dialup service, or
Comcast Cable connection. Please forgive my ineptness, as communications are
not my strong suit. I'd appreciate being pointed to "any" simple and clear
step by step instructions, as those provided on the VNC website seem to assume
some degree of sophistication which I apparently do not possess. Thanks to
anyone who might assist me in connecting via internet.

Sincerely, Charles Marcrum