Colormap, application failure with FEI Knights application

Alan Hourihane alanh "at"
Wed Jan 28 00:31:01 2004

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 04:23:14PM -0800, Jeff Boerio wrote:
> We have a customer group using a CAD application from a company called
> FEI.  The application suite is called Knights.  There is a colormap
> utility with this program called Rainbow Maker (rmaker).
> Besides being forced to run in 256 color mode (Xvnc -depth 8 -cc 3),
> this rmaker utility appears to be rather militant about who it doles out
> colors to.  If userA starts up the rmaker utility, they'll run fine all
> day long.  While userA is doing this, if userB tries to launch the
> rmaker utility it will crash out and userB will get bizarre colors
> inside the Knights utility, most of them black, rendering any sort of
> design work impossible.
> Interestingly, the colormap for userA and userB is not used up.  Not by
> a long shot.
> All of this is on a Solaris 8 platform, and I've built my own binaries,
> tried using the ones from Real VNC, yet I can't get around the problem. 
> Except if I use Exceed.  And I don't like that option.
> Is anyone out there using this tool suite with VNC?  Have you got a
> solution to the problem (other than having one user per Solaris machine
> using the tool)?


Try Xvnc from I think that might work for you.