Colormap, application failure with FEI Knights application

Jeff Boerio boerio "at"
Wed Jan 28 00:24:00 2004

We have a customer group using a CAD application from a company called
FEI.  The application suite is called Knights.  There is a colormap
utility with this program called Rainbow Maker (rmaker).

Besides being forced to run in 256 color mode (Xvnc -depth 8 -cc 3),
this rmaker utility appears to be rather militant about who it doles out
colors to.  If userA starts up the rmaker utility, they'll run fine all
day long.  While userA is doing this, if userB tries to launch the
rmaker utility it will crash out and userB will get bizarre colors
inside the Knights utility, most of them black, rendering any sort of
design work impossible.

Interestingly, the colormap for userA and userB is not used up.  Not by
a long shot.

All of this is on a Solaris 8 platform, and I've built my own binaries,
tried using the ones from Real VNC, yet I can't get around the problem. 
Except if I use Exceed.  And I don't like that option.

Is anyone out there using this tool suite with VNC?  Have you got a
solution to the problem (other than having one user per Solaris machine
using the tool)?


     - Jeff