Problems with VNC on Windows 2000 not as service

Ryan Herbert "at"
Tue Jan 27 20:59:01 2004

I'm trying to set up VNC on my Windows 2000 machine at work so that I 
can occasionally work remotely.  However, I don't have admin access to 
the machine, so I can't install it as a service, so I have to stay 
logged in and run WinVNC manually.  This causes a problem when I need to 
restart WinVNC remotely (I ssh in using CygWin) - I can kill the WinVNC 
server process, but when I try to start it up again, it pops up a window 
wanting me to enter a password.

Is there any way to avoid having to enter a password when starting up 
WinVNC manually if I'm not an administrator?  Can I manually put items 
in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER that WinVNC would pick up?  What 
would be really nice is if there was a -textmode commandline option or a 
way to set the password from the commandline.

Also, a problem that I have a lot is that if the machine has kicked into 
power-save mode on the monitor, I can connect and enter my password, but 
I'll just get a quick blank screen and then the server closes the 
connection.  (If I try using vncviewer from a UNIX workstation, I get 
some standard connection information and then "vncviewer: VNC server 
closed connection".)  On my PC at home, if I restart the service, I can 
usually work around that, but I obviously can't do that to my machine at 
work.  (I'm also presuming it's due to the monitor power-save mode... 
it may be something else.)  Is there any command line program that I 
could use to kick the machine out of power save mode before trying to 
connect with VNC?  (I've even thought about using a program to eject the 
CD-ROM drive with a mouse taped to it, but that seems a little error 

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!