Development on RealVNC

E.R.Kooi E.R.Kooi "at" XS4all.NL
Tue Jan 27 20:33:00 2004

Dear Lars, the modification sounds interesting and made me curious about
the functionality of the modifications.
Maybe you could tell us what the improved or increased functionality is.
Fr. gr. Eppo R. Kooi.

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> Sent: dinsdag 27 januari 2004 19:59
> I've done some modifications on the RealVNC source, and made 
> it quite nicer
> based on the fullscreen support for the program. Are the 
> developers taking c++
> sources for consideration to make it better as it is?
> If not, is it OK to distribute a modified version of the 
> RealVNC on eg own homepage?
> Since we use the realvnc at home, at work, anywhere it is 
> needed I guess someone else need my fullscreen modify :)
> Best Regards Lars Werner