Open one SSH/VNC connection, but not another

Jaanus Kõusaar jaanusk "at"
Mon Jan 26 21:59:00 2004


   I have set up a VNC server on my SUSE 9 host, and try to connect to it
   with Putty/TightVNC.

   The  connection  is  established  ok.  Ports  5900  and  5901 are also
   forwarded (I can see in the event log of Putty).

   Then I start the VNCserver on Linux machine with

   vncserver -depth 16-geometry 1024x768

   After that the server announces something like that:

   New 'X' desktop is


   However,  when I try to connect from my Win98 machine with TightVNC to
   localhost:1, in the Putty's event log I can see the

   Forwarded connection refused by server remark.

   At  the  same  time,  when connecting to localhost:0, everything works
   fine, however the vncserver is that of another user.

   I  tried  telnet localhost:1 and it returned a line starting with RFB,
   so the VNCserver seems to be working ok.

   Any guesses, how should I proceed?