Java VNC Viewer questions...

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Mon Jan 26 18:15:01 2004


	Heya. Some quick answers:

1. The "Java VNC Viewer" is built-in to the VNC Server you already
   installed. So when a user connects a web-browser to your VNC
   Server they will automatically "get" the Viewer.

2. When your VNC Server is running, you'll see a VNC icon in the
   Windows service-tray, in the lower left of your screen. Put your
   mouse over it, and an IP address will appear, something like
   "". Whatever comes up is (most likely) the address
   you want to have your partners type into their web-browsers. So,
   something like: "http://a.b.c.d:5800", where "a.b.c.d" comes
   from that service tray icon.

	Give this a try, let us know if it works.


> i'm new to RealVNC and would like to show a window from my pc to other www-users.
> So I installed and run the Server.
> The others shall see my pc window through their browser so they need the
> "Java VNC Viewer"!? Where can they get this?
> (I can find only the "viewer program only" on
> And what have the www-users to do after they have this java viewer?
> I've read:
> "..So to view display 2 on machine 'snoopy', you would point your web browser at:
> http://snoopy:5802/ ..."
> Do they have to type this adress in the browser?
> Is it always "snoopy" or where can i find this "name" they have to use?
> Thanks a lot for your help to a newbie :-)