Connection closes

T. Valent winsock2 "at"
Mon Jan 26 13:47:00 2004

In late December I've been reporting problems with instable connections to
some VNC-Servers (2 of 10 in one of the networks I'm administrating) on the
VNC-ML. The issue was that the connection is being closed immediately after
a successful login. I have received some answers from people on the
VNC-list, some just telling me that they have the same problem and yet no
solution, some guessing that the reason is probably "network related",
whatever that might mean.

I installed a SSL-tunnel between the client and the server so that the
client connects to on a higher port, which establishes a
SSL-tunnel to the server. The server then sees an incoming connection from, too. That way I can assure that no "network related issues" can
cause the problem I'm reporting, because the complete VNC-protocol that
formerly passed "the network" is now being tunneled into SSL and the various
network layers assure that every packet is being transmitted properly, even
if there were problems with the NIC (like inverting a bit or so (which some
people honestly assumed to be a possible reason for my problem!)). The
connections from and to do not pass the NIC, so that the nic
itself cannot be the cause for the problem.

I'm not expecting anyone to say "Ah, now I know the reason: Do this and
that!", I'm just reporting that there is a serious problem and that I got
mails from people telling me they have the same problem.

Nevertheless I'd be happy to get hints what I could try to solve this
problem. :-)