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Mon Jan 26 13:12:00 2004

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> I have 3 PCs (PC1, PC2, PC3) networked on a LAN behind a 
> Linksys BEFSR41 router, which acts as the DHCP server, and 
> all are running ZoneAlarm basic (the free one):
> PC1: Win 98SE, IP address a.b.c.100 controlled by router, 

	I think you mean "assigned (dynamically) by router" instead of controlled by router.

> running VNC Viewer
> PC2: XP Home, static IP address a.b.c.10, running VNC Server
> PC3: XP Home, IP address IP address a.b.c.101 controlled by 
> router, running VNC Server
> PC2 has a static IP address to allow port forwarding by the 
> router for a web server that runs 24/7.
> My objective is to use PC1 to monitor/control PC2 and PC3 
> within the LAN for now and ultimately to monitor/control PC2 
> and PC3 via the Internet (from my office).
> So far, my viewer has been unable to connect to either of the 
> servers, even though I enter the IP addresses when prompted.

	From within LAN or from Internet?

> I have read the stuff about port assignments, display 
> numbers, etc., but I do not see where/how that can be done -- 
> I am one of those who does "RTFM" first, but I have not been 
> able to find much in the way of detailed step-by-step setup 
> instructions.  I have  read and tried the stuff suggested 
> about ZoneAlarm on the VNC and ZoneAlarm websites, but no luck.

	I've no idea about ZoneAlarm, but if you want to access your PC2&3 from Internet, just setup the port forwarding for them, exactly like what you've done for your web server.  There's only one point worth notice, since you have two VNC servers, you have to assign two port forwarding.  For example, PC2 uses the usual 5900 while PC3 uses the 5901.  This part is written in doc or faq in official website.

	OTOH, I think you'd better give static IP addresses to all your PC's, even though they don't normally change the address even in DHCP.

> From what I read in everyone's postings, VNC appears very 
> powerful and I am sure I am doing something "really dumb" but 
> would like to solve this.  Any comments, suggestions, 
> criticisms (please be kind!) are welcome.  Many thanks in advance.
> Mark
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