Java VNC Viewer questions...

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Mon Jan 26 11:57:00 2004

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> The others shall see my pc window through their browser so 
> they need the "Java VNC Viewer"!? Where can they get this?

	It's delivered by VNC's web server.  Of course, JRE has to exist in client machine.

> (I can find only the "viewer program only" on
> And what have the www-users to do after they have this java viewer?
> I've read:
> "..So to view display 2 on machine 'snoopy', you would point 
> your web browser at:
> http://snoopy:5802/ ..."
> Do they have to type this adress in the browser?

	In your opinion, if they don't HAVE to type anything, what should they have to do?

> Is it always "snoopy" or where can i find this "name" they 
> have to use?

	You should be more careful when you read the doc.  "snoopy" is just an EXAMPLE.  Use the name of the machine where you've installed VNC server.
> Thanks a lot for your help to a newbie :-)
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