Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Mon Jan 26 09:57:00 2004

cutter wrote:

> Hello, a quick question:
> Some people at the company I work for think that you need to buy a CAL
> if you want to connect a Windows workstation to ANY server, even a
> non-MS server such as a linux box with Xvnc running on it.  I think this
> is not
> true.  I'm not about to ask MS since I'm sure they'll tell me "of
> course!" even if it's not true.

There is some note in the M$Windows license that says that you need to have a 
M$Windows license for the machine you use to view the M$Windows display (the 
license for the seat) and you need to have a M$Windows license for the machine 
that serves the M$Windows display.

Hence, if you have a M$WIndows license for the machine that runs the VNC viewer 
and you have a license for the M$WIndows servers then you are done.

The only possible restriction you might have is when you run a M$Windows server 
and a Linux desktop. However, since most linux machines are installed on 
hardware that comes with some kind of M$Windows (including license) there is no 
problem at all.

Then you can install the M$WIndows server with licensing per seat at the server 
side, this also coveres the license.

Be noted, there is no speak of any version or variant for the desktop/displaying 
machine. a M$Windows 95 or even M$Windows 3.11 suits a need.