[werner] Problem making child window at startup - SOLVED

Lars Werner lars "at" werner.no
Mon Jan 26 06:21:01 2004


Problem solved :P

I just had to make the window before the run_undetached calls
realisefullscreen, then the message queue for the window will end up in the
right wndproc :)

If anybody else have any problems with this, please create a childwindow
after createwindow in clientconnect.cpp file (ln 271)

Lars Werner

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Subject: [werner] Problem making child window at startup

> Hi there...
> I'm currently making a toolbarwindow for RealVNC inn fullscreenmode, and
> runned into some problems. I've integrated my window into RealVNC and it
> great with one exception
> If the check "FullScreen" is checked before connection, the
> "RealiseFullScreen();" is called in the run_undetached procedure.
> In the ClientConnectionFullScreen I've made a child window that is created
> based on the m_hwnd variable, and it makes the VNC go into infinity loop
> it is done at startup. Has anybody encountered that before? :P
> If the same routine is used later after I've got a picture from the remote
> machine, then everything is working normal. I've also tried to make the
> window" without any parent, and it will not show at startup, but later in
> runtime everything is ok.
> I'd love to get some help fixing this problem,
> best regards
> Lars Werner
> http://lars.werner.no
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