Problem making child window at startup

Lars Werner lars "at"
Sun Jan 25 23:21:01 2004

Hi there...

I'm currently making a toolbarwindow for RealVNC inn fullscreenmode, and I've
runned into some problems. I've integrated my window into RealVNC and it works
great with one exception

If the check "FullScreen" is checked before connection, the
"RealiseFullScreen();" is called in the run_undetached procedure.

In the ClientConnectionFullScreen I've made a child window that is created
based on the m_hwnd variable, and it makes the VNC go into infinity loop when
it is done at startup. Has anybody encountered that before? :P

If the same routine is used later after I've got a picture from the remote
machine, then everything is working normal. I've also tried to make the "child
window" without any parent, and it will not show at startup, but later in
runtime everything is ok.

I'd love to get some help fixing this problem,
best regards
Lars Werner