start vnc server without being logged in (SUSE-Linux)

Alvaro Prudente alvaroprudente "at"
Sun Jan 25 14:27:01 2004

I just switched (for testing purposes) from RedHat 8/9 to SUSE 9 ans
stand before the following problem:

On RedHat 8 & 9 it was extremely easy to start vncserver without being
logged in (by just adding the line "vncserver :1" to rc.local)
This built automatically the needed files (like ".vnc") in "/"...

Now on SUSE everything seems much more complicated, as there isn't a
rc.local (which is called after starting runlevels) but only a
boot.local (which is called before the runlevel is set).
I have come so far, that I put two scripts called "startmyownservices"
and "stopmyownservices"  into /etc/init.d and at the same time I added
some links from different runlevels calling them "S99startmyownservices"
or "S99stopmyownservices".
My problem is now, that in the boot process I get the following error:
"vncserver: couldn't find "Xauth" on your PATH"
Now I just copied the file .Xauth from "/root" to "/" and copied at the
same time the folder ".vnc" from "/root" to "/" thinking that this could
Unfortunately it didn't.

So BEFORE I copy these files around in my system I wanted to ask if
anyone resolved that problem before or if anyone knows which PATH I
would have to set, to bring this service running without having to be
logged in...

Thanks a lot