Expert VNC'ers Please read and recommend

Dustin Johnson Autobott "at"
Sun Jan 25 08:05:01 2004

Download a packet sniffer like this one:
It will show that all of the data is an SSH packet (except maybe for a few
ack requests)
If this it does show ssh then everything is encrypted, if it shows tcp then
it might not be.
Also, you would know if vnc is going through ssh because on the vncviewer
you must input
localhost as the remote server (because it is being tunneled).


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> Hello everyone.
> I am new to VNC and figured it all out fairly quickly.
>  I just need someone to help me understand the
> Security part of it.  I have setup an ssh server with
> cygwin and it seems to all be working.  But HOW CAN I
> TELL?  I need to be sure it is secure.
> Both machines exchanged the security packet to the
> registry the first time they connected with putty so I
> think it was all set.  But how to I know for sure?
> I am looking to setup my home based computer on a
> cable connection behind a firewall and connect with a
> laptop from work.  Must be fully secure and encrypted
> from the work techs.
> I have read about certain programs securing like
> kaboodle.  Is this something I need or is simply
> realvnc, or tightvnc with secure ssh server enough?
> please advise.
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> F S
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