Expert VNC'ers Please read and recommend

F S storagefs "at"
Sun Jan 25 00:38:00 2004

Hello everyone.
I am new to VNC and figured it all out fairly quickly.
 I just need someone to help me understand the
Security part of it.  I have setup an ssh server with
cygwin and it seems to all be working.  But HOW CAN I
TELL?  I need to be sure it is secure.

Both machines exchanged the security packet to the
registry the first time they connected with putty so I
think it was all set.  But how to I know for sure? 

I am looking to setup my home based computer on a
cable connection behind a firewall and connect with a
laptop from work.  Must be fully secure and encrypted
from the work techs.

I have read about certain programs securing like
kaboodle.  Is this something I need or is simply
realvnc, or tightvnc with secure ssh server enough?
please advise.
Any help greatly appreciated.

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