newbie w/VNC ver. 3.3.7 dvhvserver "at"
Sat Jan 24 20:21:01 2004

Many apologies in advance if this is too basic, but I have not been able to solve my problem by studying the archives and recent postings.

I have 3 PCs (PC1, PC2, PC3) networked on a LAN behind a Linksys BEFSR41 router, which acts as the DHCP server, and all are running ZoneAlarm basic (the free one):

PC1: Win 98SE, IP address a.b.c.100 controlled by router, running VNC Viewer
PC2: XP Home, static IP address a.b.c.10, running VNC Server
PC3: XP Home, IP address IP address a.b.c.101 controlled by router, running VNC Server

PC2 has a static IP address to allow port forwarding by the router for a web server that runs 24/7.

My objective is to use PC1 to monitor/control PC2 and PC3 within the LAN for now and ultimately to monitor/control PC2 and PC3 via the Internet (from my office).

So far, my viewer has been unable to connect to either of the servers, even though I enter the IP addresses when prompted.  I have read the stuff about port assignments, display numbers, etc., but I do not see where/how that can be done -- I am one of those who does "RTFM" first, but I have not been able to find much in the way of detailed step-by-step setup instructions.  I have  read and tried the stuff suggested about ZoneAlarm on the VNC and ZoneAlarm websites, but no luck.

From what I read in everyone's postings, VNC appears very powerful and I am sure I am doing something "really dumb" but would like to solve this.  Any comments, suggestions, criticisms (please be kind!) are welcome.  Many thanks in advance.