Server uses wrong (internal LAN) IP

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Sat Jan 24 12:46:00 2004

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> > * Seak, Teng-Fong <tfseak "at"> [2004-01-23 08:44]:
> >> And of course an obvious question: is there any port filter on the
> >> cisco router?  Or in other words, is at least the port 5900 is
> >> allowed?
> >>
> > Well, when I started this, I *thought* it I'm not sure.  I'll
> > be checking into it later.
> OK, I've done some more work on this.  It seems that my IT guy actually
> did what I asked him to for once.  Before, he'd left a range of high
> ports open, including 5900.  A while back I was giving him a little
> grief about how that was not cool, it would be too easy to hack our
> systems and he should tighten things up at that Cisco router.  So, he
> did - he closed ALL ports to the workstations except 5631, the default

	Closing all!  What a drastic measure!

> for pcAnywhere.  I've confirmed this with both nmap and telnet.  He
> never said anything to me, so I didn't realize he actually did it.  I

	Ah ha ha :-D  Well, I understand completely your frustration, because I very often come across the same situation: my workmates have done something and they never don't *care* to tell anybody else about it.  Not even one person!  What a communication!

> thought I could still use the default VNC port setup, but things are
> nicely tightened up now except - the crazy guy left Telnet access to
> the router open - AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!  I just can't make him understand
> that telnet is a Very Bad Thing...
> Anyway, this newly restricted access is a Very Good Thing.  But it might
> present a problem for me trying to use VNC.  I think I can I can
> reconfigure the VNC server to use port 5631 easily enough, but I wonder
> if that might cause any problems with pcAnywhere.  I still can't trash
> pcAnywhere for several reasons.  I'll still need it occasionally, like
> for file transfers (my understanding is VNC lacks this) and for
> connecting to other workstations than mine.
> While I'm at it, one other quick question.  Does VNC allow remote
> printing from host to remote?

	Nope :(

	Of course, unless you've got some kind of IP printing to your remote machine.

> Thanks!

	It's a pleasure :-)