Xvnc questions

Travis Griggs tgriggs "at" key.net
Fri Jan 23 21:56:01 2004

The Xvnc X-Server is a virtual Xserver... in what ways does it differ 
from the display xfree86-4? In particular I'm curious about:

1) dpi. For a normal desktop x server, I "startx -dpi 100" to get my 100 
dpi fonts to have preference over the 75 ones. How does Xvnc decide 
between 100 and 75 dpi fonts in its font path. It seems that Xvnc 
wouldn't really have a notion of dpi...

2) screensaver. is there an screensaver inside Xvnc server. an xset q 
from within a vnc session does show values, are they active though?

Travis Griggs
Key Technology
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