VNC Server On Linux

R. S. Patil kpr_rspatil "at"
Fri Jan 23 16:52:00 2004

Thanks Zach,

> Not that this reply necessarily helps, but I get just the opposite. My
> box boots to runlevel 3, but when I connect using vnc viewer on windows xp
> my vnc viewer gets the kde desktop.
> =)
> Want to trade?

Well, let us trade on barter system.

I will tell how did what I got &
You tell me how you got what you did  ;-)

Jokes Apart Can you Really Give me your settings.
If your Linux is Suse 8,2 then much better.

Already Dave Colliver have suggested an URL for RH

I have not tried yet but I will give it a shot tomorrow.
Thanks Dave Colliver for valuable help.

Best Regards

R. S. Patil