Server uses wrong (internal LAN) IP

Tim Meador tmeador "at"
Fri Jan 23 13:58:01 2004

* James Weatherall <jnw "at"> [2004-01-23 07:42]:
> Have you checked that the VNC port (5900 in this case) is not being
> blocked for the external IP by any firewall settings?  I assume that
> the external IP is the IP of a network card in that machine, rather
> than the IP of a NAT router or cable modem?
Not yet, that was my next step when I get to the office later today.  I
didn't setup the Cisco itself, I don't have setup access to that.  I did
setup the LAN and all the workstations.

The public IPs are not nic IPs, that's what the LAN IPs like
are.  The public IPs like are doled out by the Cisco
router's NAT.

Sounds like I may need to set the VNC server to listen on another port
than the default 5900.  Since I don't have access to the Cisco to change
open ports, maybe use the same as pcAnyhwere?

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