Server uses wrong (internal LAN) IP

Tim Meador tmeador "at"
Fri Jan 23 13:26:00 2004

* Seak, Teng-Fong <tfseak "at"> [2004-01-23 07:10]:
> Do you mean every machine inside your LAN has a corresponding public
> IP address?  That means there is a NAT?  Or at least, your machine has
> a corresponding public IP address?

Yes, each workstation is assinged a public IP, as, which we
use to connect from home with pcAnywhere no problem.

> If that's the case, normally, you could just need to put
> in the vncviewer, and the rest is done by the router.

One would think so...

> > I installed VNC 3.3.7 on both boxes no problem.  The server 
> > runs fine on the Win2000 box *except* that it picks up the 
> > internal LAN address instead of my public IP, so I can't 
> > connect.  To put it a little clearer...
> > 
> > My business uses DSL connected to a Cisco router, which then 
> > doles out static IPs for all the workstations.  So, you have 
> > an IP for the Cisco, say like:
> >
> > And the workstaton public IPs it assigns, like:
> >
> > And the internal LAN IPs, like:
> >
> > 
> > I use the workstation IP, to connect from home 
> > with pcAnyhwere.  Problem is, the VNC serverpicks up the LAN 
> > IP, (when you hold the mouse over the tray icon, it 
> > shows that IP).  Of course, that's a no go for connection.
> > 
> > So how can I get the VNC server to use the public 
> > IP like pcAnywhere does so I can get hooked up?  
> > Is there a config file I can edit or something?

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