Server uses wrong (internal LAN) IP

Tim Meador tmeador "at"
Fri Jan 23 13:17:01 2004

* James Weatherall <jnw "at"> [2004-01-23 06:03]:
> By default, VNC 3.3.3 doesn't bind to a particular IP address, even though
> it only shows one of the machine's addresses in the try icon.
> Have you actually tried just connecting using the public address?

Sure, no go.  Running it from a terminal window:

[tim "at" localhost tim]$ vncviewer
VNC viewer version 3.3.7 - built Feb 28 2003 18:58:10

That pops up a little 'serverDial' window to enter an IP such as  So I do, hit enter and nothing happens.  Note that the
entry box now appears to empty, but if I scroll back in it, the IP #
I entered is actually still there.  Now if I add a display number, as (which the docs say is not necessary when connecting to a
Win host), then in the terminal I get the result:

vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused

If I use the name of the host, for example 'snoopy' in place of an IP #,
it returns:

Couldn't convert 'snoopy' to host address
Unable to connect to VNC server

I use the IP for pcAnywhere and of course can ping it no problem.
Everything seems fine, it just doesn't work.  I figured it must've had
to do with VNC host displaying, which obviously would not
work.  Guess that's not it.

Thanks for the reply.  Next step?

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