vnc viewer and winvnc on same machine

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at"
Fri Jan 23 10:31:01 2004

	What you're asking is quite hard to accomplish.  Not only VNC can't do so, I don't think any other similar software (PCAnywhere, eg) could do that either.

	Actually, do you just want to share the application?  If so, maybe you could try to share the directory containing the Excel and have your friend access that directory through network, though I'm not sure if this would work because of DLL's which might not present in your friend's PC.

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> > I actually want to share a single applications and not my entire 
> > desktop.Let say I want to share Excel and when I want to go to my 
> > Outlook the sharing should stop temporarily so that the person 
> > watching my Excel won't see what is on my outlook inbox.If 
> I go back 
> > to Excel then sharing should resume.I tried diffenrent 
> flavour of VNC 
> > with "share a single window' feature, but it is not what I 
> am looking for.
> > 
> > Any help will be appreciated.