RealVNC 4.0b4 and TightVNC compatibility?

Tristan Richardson tjr "at"
Fri Jan 23 10:08:01 2004

> Running an (essentially) unmodified TightVNC Java viewer (built from
> sources fetched from their CVS repository on January 2nd), and the
> RealVNC 4.0b4 server (built from sources using Visual Studio .NET
> 2003) running on Windows XP.  I can reliably crash the RealVNC server
> by going into "view slide show" mode in PowerPoint.  The crash is due
> to a divide by zero in RawEncoder::writeRect (both h and w are zero)
> called via VNCSConnectionST::writeRenderedCursorRect.  I can supply a
> .dmp file, or more details as needed.

Thanks for the report - we were already aware of this bug and some other
"empty rectangle" bugs in 4.0b4.  These will be fixed in the next release,
when we have time to get round to it....

> When running the RealVNC4 viewer against an UltraVNC server in "single
> window" mode, I found the following change helpful;

The original version of the code is correct.  If a server sends a rectangle
which is off the screen, that's a bug in the server.