Server uses wrong (internal LAN) IP

Tim Meador tmeador "at"
Fri Jan 23 09:44:00 2004

No doubt this has been ansered before, but I've done a long search
through the list archives and couldn't find an answer, so here goes...

I'm new to VNC, trying to use it to replace pcAnyhwere to connect from
my Linux box at home to my Win2000 Pro workstation at my job.  I use
Win4Lin on the Linux box for the sole purpose of running pcAnywhere and
I'm trying to simplify things a little.

I installed VNC 3.3.7 on both boxes no problem.  The server runs fine on
the Win2000 box *except* that it picks up the internal LAN address
instead of my public IP, so I can't connect.  To put it a little

My business uses DSL connected to a Cisco router, which then doles out
static IPs for all the workstations.  So, you have an IP for the Cisco,
say like:
And the workstaton public IPs it assigns, like:
And the internal LAN IPs, like:

I use the workstation IP, to connect from home with
pcAnyhwere.  Problem is, the VNC serverpicks up the LAN IP,
(when you hold the mouse over the tray icon, it shows that IP).  Of
course, that's a no go for connection.

So how can I get the VNC server to use the public IP like
pcAnywhere does so I can get hooked up?  Is there a config file I can
edit or something?

Thanks for any help.

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